A great special issue on social networks appeared in December in the Journal of Mathematical Psychology (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/00222496/57). It contains methodological articles relating to relational event and other dynamic models, and snowball sampling of large networks.   Here is the content list: Robins, G.

A tutorial on methods for the modeling and analysis of social network data. Lerner, J., Indlekofer, N., Nick, B., & Brandes, U. Conditional independence in dynamic networks Pattison, P., Robins, G., Snijders, T., & Wang, P. Conditional estimation of exponential random graph models for snowball sampling designs. DuBois, C., Butts, C., McFarland, C., & Smyth, P. Hierarchical models for relational event sequences. Kontoleon, N., Falzon, L., & Pattison, P. Algebraic structures for dynamic networks.