The Organizational Communication Mini Conference (OCMC) at the University of Illinois at

Urbana-Champaign concluded this past Sunday, October 6. The NetSCI lab was well represented there with six members namely, Marya Doerfel, Yannick Atouba, Müge Haseki, Maggie Boyraz, Heewon Kim, and Jack Harris. Marya took part in the faculty Panel on “My single best piece of advice for graduate students”; Müge, Heewon, and Maggie presented three projects, and Yannick and Jack networked and provided support. The titles of the three presentations were: Boyraz, M. (2013). Exploring the role of technology and culture in innovative global teams. Haseki, M. (2013). ‘Help out a sister!’ The use of information and communication technologies and social networks by immigrant women entrepreneurs in an urban economy. Kim, H. (2013). The awareness paradox: The role of enterprise social media use in knowledge sharing/surveillance in a global high-tech organization. Looking forward to OCMC 2014 in Purdue!!!!